Salmon Leather

By Jeannine Dao

Ever heard of salmon leather? Neither have I. When I came across this material in a magazine, it caught my interest as to how this would work. Fancy leather is usually made from endangered reptiles such as snakes or lizards. The common leather is made from cows. But what makes salmon leather different is that it is sustainable.


Salmon skin is considered a by-product when it comes to consuming fish. Everything of the fish is taken but then the skin is usually dumped back into the water or is left as waste. So by taking a waste product, they’re able to create a use. The process of making the leather is around thirty to forty days.

A company from Britain, “The Fish Leather Co” is a manufacture that creates and ships out the product. They’re able to ship their products world wide to supple craftsman rather than large workshops. They provide two different types of leather. Customers can choose from a variety of colours with glazed or sueded finishes, both with their own characteristic  and features.

What makes salmon leather so unique is that is has a unique scent but is very durable in strength. Salmon leather is much stronger than cow leather. It comes in thin sheets which makes it easy to cut without having the edges curl and ravel. Leather is a glazed finish is visually smoother but durable and stiff. Whereas the suede finish is more rough but the details of the fish’s scale is visually noticeable.




The Fish Leather Company


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