ReWall QuarterBack Floor Underlayment

The ReWall Company is a business specializing in building and decorative materials for homes that are either 100% recycled or upcycled. The materials involved come from paper products that are reused and formed into wall components for the indoors and also outdoors depending on the surface finish.

ReWall states that it is the first US company to use an entire recycled carton in its building materials and it has been recognized with multiple awards and memberships in its dedication to a closed-loop cycle of reusing a product by completely transforming it into another.

Materials created for homes include wall composites, ceiling tiles and flooring. A material I have been investigating is the ReWall QuarterBack Floor Underlayment as it is impressive in its high performance ability to control sound at the same level as cork, its strength similar to cement board, and can be worked and formed like wood. Not only is it made without unhealthy chemicals but it also boasts of being mold and moisture resistant and can be applied under multiple types of flooring such as ceramic, laminate, tile, hardwood and carpets.1424566092761


-K. Searle


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