By Mingli Liu



Karta-Pack by Pulpworks is an all-pulp-and-paper recycled package. It is the first solution that can replace plastic blister packaging. Karta-Pack is made from 100% post-consumer material, such as recycled cotton fibers from discarded jeans and t-shirts. It has the comforting feel of cotton, as well as the durability of plastic, which makes it ideal for use as a packaging material, especially in high-end applications. The Karta-pack pulp helps to recycle millions of cotton clothing items annually that would otherwise completely go to waste.

Unlike plastic blister packaging, the Karta-Pack is very easy to open. It also comes with different raw materials, texture, colors, shapes and sizes. The Karta-Pack is comprised of two pieces of compostable and bio degradable material – the molded pulp component.

The Karta-Pack is compliant with ISO 14000 and European Green Dot standards. It contains no plastics of any kind, does not require incineration or industrial composting to be eliminated. This kind of packaging will reduce the content of toxic landfills as well as the harmful greenhouse gases released by landfills. Pulpworks partnered up with Mohawk to develop a unique fiber that has a higher “aspect ratio” than any fibers previously tested for molding applications.


Recycled Cotton Packaging


Karla-Pack™ (patented)


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