Schoeller Textiles: NanoSphere

Schoeller Textiles is a company that provides textiles produced using sustainable and innovative technology, with a focus on solutions for the drawbacks of average materials. They are based out of Switzerland and are global leaders in these technologies, and many of their designs use natural solutions and materials to create the highest grade of specialized products.

Their products focus on the large demand for merchandise that is used to protect, insulate, line, warm and keep dry, therefore most of these materials are made into clothing and for a wide range of active uses including outdoors, sports, lifestyle, motorcycle, police and military. Others include cleaning applications and even for hospital use to protect against bacteria for patients.

One such material, the NanoSphere, is a fabric modeled after natural leaf surfaces where the fine structure prevents rain drops from soaking in and dirt from adhering, allowing the leaf to possess a “self-cleaning effect”.


Average fabrics maintain a largely woven surface that absorbs moisture, dirt and oil so the NanoSphere technology features a tightly woven structure of nanoparticles where the surface of contact is greatly reduced. This technology renders the material water and oil repellent and surface dirt or marks can easily be washed off with water.



-K. Searle


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