Sustainable Materials Research Experience

My sustainable materials research has brought about an assortment of various experiences and I have found that contacting international companies in request of material samples, as an exercise in of itself, is a worthwhile and valuable experience. It has been a constructive undertaking and an interesting window-like view into the process of acquiring new up-and-coming materials for a personal or commercial sustainable design. I also enjoyed the involvement of being in contact with these professional companies as it gave me a better sense of interacting with the business world.

Reaching out to these material companies was relatively positive, though I did encounter a certain amount of hesitancy on their part in their willingness to send me samples. Some of this resulted in ignoring my requests and follow-up emails and one such company was unable to send me anything without a Federal Express number; I was informed by the OCADU shipping office that the university did not maintain an account with FedEx and so was unwilling to pay for the shipping of any said samples. Although this issue posed as a road block for the obtaining of samples form the material company, email exchanges and customer service was always exceedingly polite and experience was gained in communicating with a striving and professional business.


-K. Searle


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