BioMason’s Bricks Grown From Bacteria

Do you know how to manufacture traditional bricks? They are made from sand and binding agents. The brick is producing under high temperature, which have to be fired for three to five days. According to bioMsaon’s data, the global cement production in 2008 amounted to 2.8 billion tons, with equivalent quantities of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. This process of manufacture causes approximately 800 million tons of carbon emissions every year, which means 40% of global carbon emissions are from construction industry.


In order to be sustainable, bioMason, a unique biotechnology start-up company, has developed a new method of producing bricks from bacteria and naturally abundant materials such as sand. They use microorganisms to grow biocement, and it takes only two or three days to “grow” their bricks and eliminate carbon emissions. Moreover, bioMason company’s bricks can even absorb pollution, and against climate change. By replacing traditional masonry with bioMason grown brick, it will save energy, eliminate waste and reduce costs. Most importantly, it will reduce large amount of carbon emissions, and manufacture without negative impacts to the surrounding environment.



By: Emma Yin



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