By: Tharanketha Kirupaneshan

“The CASTonCAST system consists of two complementary parts. The first part is a novel manufacturing technique that relies on producing a series of building components in stacks by using the previous component as a mold for the next one. The second part is a new geometric method for the design of freeform shapes by the connection of stackable solid tiles.” prestressing

“CASTonCAST is an efficient and sustainable fabrication process focused on the development of a smart but simple methodology to design and prefabricate building elements with complex geometries, which is resource efficient and considerably reduces construction waste.” This process connects the fields of mathematics, architecture, civil engineering and digital fabrication technologies.

The designers wanted to create a spatially interesting architecture, formed with complex geometries. Contemporary architecture can put this into use for the construction of concrete or mortar building elements. The goal of having the capability to fabricate such complex geometrics is to make creative looking architecture affordable to anyone. This is an improvement of the traditional building practices, rather than replacing them. “Thus, helping them to reach higher standard in the construction of geometrically complex structures, while using the same building materials and similar methods.”

This design process has positively proven its need for demand in today’s architectural practice, particularly through the following. It eliminated the need for costly complex molds, reduces the use of building materials and material waste, allows the transportation of the components to the construction site in stacks rather than customized supporting structures for each component, and finally, reducing the assembly of the components using a reusable scaffolding and a post-tensioning system increases the speed of construction. The lack of creativity put into existing architectural processes is what paved the way for a simple idea as CASTonCAST to achieve sustainability in construction.




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