Denim Insulation

Denim Insulation


What can we do with the used and abandon denim clothes? Except recycling them and dying them for resell or sending them to second hand cloth store, there is another way to reuse the denim material. UltraTouch is a brand that manufactures thermal and acoustic insulation from recycled denim. The denim insulation provides highly effective sound absorption and ultimate thermal performance.


The denim insulation is a sustainable and eco-friendly architecture material. It contains 85% recycled material and the natural cotton fibers are 100% recyclable at the end of the insulation’s usable life. By using denim insulation, it diverts 200 tons of waste denim per month. Moreover, the manufacturing process requires much less energy.


Compare with traditional insulation, denim insulation’s acoustic ratings are 30% higher and it also provides higher HVAC efficiency and lower energy bills at the meantime. Furthermore, using denim insulation is also very healthy and safe. It does not irritate the skin and has no fiberglass itch. Most importantly, it requires no carcinogenic warning labels.



By: Emma Yin



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