By Sony Chen

MycoFoam, like the MycoBoard produced by the same company, is packaging material made from mycelium with low-value plant stalk fibers. It grows purely with mycelium as mushroom material and agricultural byproduct, and it is an alternative to unsustainable foam such as expanded polystyrene and expanded polyethylene. It is capable of being grown by anyone around the world. Ecovative sells a GIY kit, allowing consumers to grow small amounts of this material at home.


The usage: MycoFoam could be a new way of packaging, and it is a perfect alternative to any kind of plastic foam. It can be made to grow directly into the designed shape, and there is no need for further manufacturing. Moreover, there are many different ways to grow MycoFoam. Consumers could compose the MycoFoam at home or recycle it as bio-waste. Mushroom can also provide nutrients to the soil. MycoFoam is truly a revolutionary replacement for plastic packaging.



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