ReWall Ceiling Tiles


ReWall Ceiling Tiles are eco-panel that are suitable for use on commercial drop ceilings in retail and industrial or institutional settings. They do not off-gas any toxic chemicals an are completely non-toxic.

ReWall is made of 100%recycled content from milk and food cartons. It comes with different sizes and can be covered with any color paper or veneers. Each tile has a water-resistant core and is surfaced with a polycoated paper waste producing a semi-gloss finish. ReWall ceiling tiles are made without formaldehyde glues, water or chemicals and they do not emit VOCs. They also achieve the highest rating for mold resistance. However, they are not intended for exterior, structural or excessively wet environments.

The ReWall products contain have very low carbon footprints and contain 59% bio-based content. They are recognized as USDA bioPrefered products and qualify for numerous LEED points. They are extremely tough and highly moisture-resistant. They are Class C flame and smoke rated.


– Mingli Liu


ReWall Ceiling Tiles


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