SKRILK – bioplastic?

Upon research for my final assignment I came across a new material that is being researched at Harvard University. It is made from discarded shrimp shells and silk proteins, has coined its name ‘shrilk’. This new material is described as “thin, clear, and as hard as aluminum at half the weight.” Researchers have developed a bioplastic which is fully biodegradable. It becomes flexible yet strong when wet making this an extremely interesting, diverse and potentially advantageous material.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 7.11.27 PM.pngThe applications a material like this and what unsustainable materials it can replace are very broad and exciting. They are working on different applications and design ideas which are mostly medical right now.

One of the researchers, Fernandez, quotes “This is a second chance for natural materials”

Best of all, it’s inexpensive which means even the capitalists might consider the material in a wide range of uses.

Check out the Harvard article here:

Lauren Kandrack


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