The Bark House

By: Jeannine Dao
“The Bark HouseAmerican based company that manufactures and provides wall coverings for interior/exterior structures.Co-founded by Marty and Chris McCurry in 1990. These are handcrafted materials that are made from recycled tree bark. The craftsmanship demonstrates the connection between nature, individuals and built environment. Their key three elements on creating a high-quality materials comes from process, product and purpose. Their products are locally sourced natural materials that can biodegrade at the end of their lifecycle.


Their mission is, “to connect people to nature in the build environment though regenerative design that is strong across all pillars of the sustainability triad”. By doing so, they focus greatly on ensuring that their products are sustainable. They begin with focusing on each single material that goes into production. They examine energy and water usage that goes into manufacturing the material. They also examine if the material supports cradle to cradle cycle.

They have proudly earned the “Cradle to Cradle Platinum Product Certification” for their tree bark siding/shingles. This certification demonstrates their commitment in providing sustainable products for buyers and the environment.



  • Exterior, interior
  • Residential, commercial
  • Traditional, modern, rustic


  • Lapped
  • Hand chopped edge
  • Butted edge (for interior)
  • Sanded for interior (with multiple paint or finish options)
  • Can be modified to meet stringent fire code standards


Standard Grade

  • Thickness: ½” minimum to 7/8” maximum
  • Width: Random widths from 6” minimum to 48” maximum
  • Length: 13”, 18”, or 26”; Custom sizing available





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