The lightest material on earth: Graphene Aerogel


The lightest material on earth: Graphene Aerogel

Chinese scientists have recently discovered a new material with a world record of lightest material on earth consisting of only 0.16 milligram/ cubic centimeter. It also has a density lower than helium and hydrogen. Comparing this material to air’s density, which has a density of 1.2mg/cm3, aerogel has only 0.16mg/cm3 meaning this material can actually float. This material is made by freeze-drying solutions to develop a carbon sponge between carbon nanotubes and graphene. It is said to have the capability of absorption up to an approximate 850- 900 times its own weight and is definitely a potential material to aid clean up the environment. The freeze-drying procedure stacks the atoms into 3D where carbon nanotubes solutions are used. The possibility of this material is countless along with its further development of thermal conductivity.

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Interview with Professor Gao Chou:





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