Ceramic Fibers and Textiles


Ceramic Fibers and Textiles

When a fire breaks out, there is only so much you could do to evacuate the area as soon as possible. In many cases, there may be so little time to react that limits your options of survival, as you possibly don’t have the resources to perform the emergency safety procedure such as using a fire extinguisher or finding water to protect yourself with. With that in mind, the Ceramic Fiber developed by 3M Nextel could possibly be a new solution to saving lives in case of a fire.


The 3M Nextel Ceramic Fibers is normally used for products that generate extreme heat such as industrial furnaces and rocket boosters etc. The material is strong enough to withstand the heat of up to 1300ºC. The material was also once used to protect NASA Space Shuttles preventing heat was reentering. Although the material has been developed for many industrial products, the material definitely has potential to become a solution to emergency fire evacuations.

Rather than having fire blankets, the ceramic fibers could become a substitute where it can be used to create a path of escape. The durable material could also be reused and is very lightweight consisting ceramic oxide fibers. The material could also possibly be made into a wearable form perhaps an option for future fireman uniform. For more information about regular “bunker gear” of a fireman, please visit: http://www.fire.nsw.gov.au/page.php?id=164. Aside from the fireman’s uniform, the material could possibly be made into a form of a blanket and have them located in certain areas of a building as another survival aide.


For more information on the 3M Nextel Ceramic Fibers, please visit: http://www.grapholene.com.

The material is also available in other thicknesses from other developing brands. However, the thickness of the material also affects its fire resistance level. For a general look at the heat resistance, visit: http://www.shreefirepackindia.com/ceramic-fiber-cloth.html for more information on the Chairman brand of ceramic fibers from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.





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