Recycled Fashion – Sustainable Textiles

The fashion industry as a whole is responsible for millions of yards of discarded and wasted materials. Fast fashion industry practices combined with mass consumerism has contributed to deforestation, environmental contamination; to name a few.Many companies are trying to create ways of reusing materials in order to create something new with less of a carbon footprint on the environment. These recyclable materials are not limited to textiles, but can include plastic and natural fibres.


In 2013 Jean Company Levi Strauss created a collection called the Waste<Less with the goal of designing products using 20% waste. Some of the jeans in this collection were constructed using recycled plastic water bottles. Levi has noted that they have used a total of 11.9 million recycled bottles for the creation of their 511™ Skinny jeans, Levi’s, Trucker jackets, and the women’s Levi’s Boyfriend Skinny jeans.

The fashion industry still has a long way to go on reducing its carbon footprint on the planet, however reusing and upcycling materials is one method of reducing the harmful impact on the environment.


By: Kadicha Foster


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