Antibacterial Fabrics


Textiles are used in the medical industry for many different healing and treatment purposes. Textiles used in within medical facilities are prone to airborne and surface bacteria’s. Scientists are in the process of creating a fabric that destroys contagious bacteria. This fabric prevents the spread of illness that can linger within the fibres of the fabric.

“Associate Professor Vipul Bansal from RMIT University’s School of Applied Sciences, discusses the ways in which this new material can modernized the medical industry.

Hospital surgery room medical control and exploration

Hospital surgery room medical control and exploration

“There is potential for special bedding, linens and surgical aprons on which bugs and bacteria do not grow, so we can maintain an infection-free environment in our healthcare settings,”

Samurai Sportswear is a clothing company that creates customized high energy performance sportswear that uses antibacterial technology to prevent germs from absorbing into the fabric. Many of the fabrics are treated with an antibacterial process before they are constructed into clothing. The fabric also has the benefit of being waterproof and water repelling.



By: Kadicha Foster


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