Food and Fashion


Fashion designer Suzanne Lee opened up the opposite worlds of fashion and food by inventing wearable textiles out of food.

Lee uses bacteria based cellulose fibre’s to construct textile which are then sewn into wearable garments. Lee hopes to encourage more designers and design houses to grow their clothes as appose to destroying the world we live in to generate profit. Lee is working closely alongside a team of researchers to further develop her product line. Lee is the creative director of Modern Meadow Inc., which is a company that is run by a diverse team of scientist, artist, and designers. They research and develop natural animal fibre’s in the hopes to grow and harvest artificial leather. A large portion of her research involves creating a quality article of clothing that has the potential to biodegrade when discarded. At Meadow Inc. the team is working on developing a product line that can be disposed of in a compost bin instead of a landfill.


Lee and her team are still in the process of pricing the potential products; however they are currently available for a sneak preview on her website:


By: Kadicha Foster


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