Denim Insulation

Denim Insulation   What can we do with the used and abandon denim clothes? Except recycling them and dying them for resell or sending them to second hand cloth store, there is another way to reuse the denim material. UltraTouch is a brand that manufactures thermal and acoustic insulation from recycled denim. The denim insulation … Continue reading

Plant based alternative to leather

By: Salla Tanskanen   As fashionable as leather is, it unfortunately is not exactly environmentally friendly. The leather processing industry creates considerable amounts of solid waste and industrial sewage. For example from a metric ton of raw hides only a mere 200 kg of actual usable material is gained The rest 800kg are just waste … Continue reading

Nike Flyknit Audit

SUMMARY The additive manufacting process used to create the Flyknit is an update on existing knitting processes such that more complex shapes (a shoe upper) with multiple patterns, yarn materials, and constructions such as loops, holes and hardware can be constructed. The push to reduce water use has also inspired green technology innovation. For example, many factories have developed … Continue reading

MIC Display – JavaJute

Java Jute by Maya Romanoff “Java Jute has a modern feel while utilizing ancient weaving techniques. Each strand of kenaf, a rapidly renewable reed, is hand‑dyed before it is woven on antique wooden looms—artfully crafting a surfacing material with subtle and fluid colorations.” Click this link for poster PDF : java jute Post by Suomi … Continue reading

Patagonia Men’s 100% Polyester Tech Fleece Environmental Audit

The Men’s 100% Polyester Tech Fleece is made of Bluesign approved polyester and manufactured in Thailand. Bluesign Technologies Bluesign Technologies is a company based in Switzerland that works with manufacturers and brands in quality control and environmental safety. The company reviews the entire textile supply chain and sets standards to ensure that the product has … Continue reading


  Suzanne Lee, the creator behind BioCouture, which is a London-based design consultancy that is pioneering the use of bio-materials for the fashion, sportswear and luxury sectors. Suzanne Lee makes fabrics using living things. “I am a bio-couturist,” she says. “I bring biological processes together with couture techniques.” The first material she adapted — bacterial cellulose — … Continue reading

Fibre Panel – NylonPrime (by: Katrina Luo)

NylonPrime is a molded composite panel from recycled carpet. Natural(wool) and synthetic(nylon 6 and nylon 6.6) fibres from post consumer carpet is bonded using a synthetic resin (non-urea formaldehyde) with heat and pressure to create rigid paneling for construction. The panels have good compressive and impact strength, and water, mold and rot resistant, may be … Continue reading