Stone Paper

By: Iris Ho Stone paper is a unique papermaking technique discovered by Taiwan Lung Meng Technology in 1998. Unlike traditional paper that made with wood pulp that involves deforestation, bleach and other toxic chemicals. Stone paper’s process do not need tree, no acid, bleach involved during production and no water, air pollution. It is made … Continue reading


By Mingli Liu   Karta-Pack by Pulpworks is an all-pulp-and-paper recycled package. It is the first solution that can replace plastic blister packaging. Karta-Pack is made from 100% post-consumer material, such as recycled cotton fibers from discarded jeans and t-shirts. It has the comforting feel of cotton, as well as the durability of plastic, which … Continue reading

Environmental Audit: IKEAs BILLY bookcase

By Kajsa Logan-Müller BILLY A life cycle analysis The BILLY bookcase from IKEA is one of the brands most popular pieces of furniture, that over the course of the past 36 years has been sold in over 41 million copies all over the world. To say that they are copies is a bit of a lie … Continue reading


Waste-free Food Packaging

A Swedish design group Tomorrow Machine, are creating food wrappers that can change shape to double as a dish or bowl, and packaging that’s meant to be composted or washed down the drain. The newer This Too Shall Pass concept series falls under that second approach. In it, the package is designed to naturally decompose or to … Continue reading