Stone Paper

By: Iris Ho Stone paper is a unique papermaking technique discovered by Taiwan Lung Meng Technology in 1998. Unlike traditional paper that made with wood pulp that involves deforestation, bleach and other toxic chemicals. Stone paper’s process do not need tree, no acid, bleach involved during production and no water, air pollution. It is made … Continue reading


                                        Product Details INGEO… Is not made from oil. Uses dextrose (sugar) from field corn as the primary feedstock , but can be made from any abundantly available sugar. Does not require genetically modified (GM) feedstock … Continue reading

Nike Flyknit Audit

SUMMARY The additive manufacting process used to create the Flyknit is an update on existing knitting processes such that more complex shapes (a shoe upper) with multiple patterns, yarn materials, and constructions such as loops, holes and hardware can be constructed. The push to reduce water use has also inspired green technology innovation. For example, many factories have developed … Continue reading

Coffee Filament

This is a PLA filament material that can be used for an additive manufacturing process such as 3D printing. The best part about this is that it releases a roasted coffee aroma when heated. It is more suitable for an extrusion-style 3D printer. It is biopolymer, compostable and it contains renewable content. CLICK HERE FOR … Continue reading

3D Food Printers (by Katrina Luo)

The most innovative dessert printer we’ve seen yet ! 3D printing technique has took a step further in the food industry, there are numbers of 3D food printers on the market, but most simply create shapes from pre-prepared ingredients. However, one 3D printing company has gone in a different direction, it does not limit to already-process … Continue reading

Lasting Impressions: Printing & Engraving Samples

Engraving Samples from MC Charters/The Aries Group. Check it out: Room 530! Embossing, Debossing, Metallic Ink burnishings, and many more.