Stone Paper

By: Iris Ho Stone paper is a unique papermaking technique discovered by Taiwan Lung Meng Technology in 1998. Unlike traditional paper that made with wood pulp that involves deforestation, bleach and other toxic chemicals. Stone paper’s process do not need tree, no acid, bleach involved during production and no water, air pollution. It is made … Continue reading

Fish skin and plastic bottles sustainable fabric

        Instituto-e’s e-fabrics use discarded skins, primarily from the food industry which fish skins are usually thrown out, when it is in fact very suitable for use as a leather substitute. It looks soft and thin, but apparently it is more resistant and sturdy than bovine leather. The fish skin used in the e-fabrics … Continue reading

Fireclay Tile – Design Video

Kalyn Teeling

“Worthless into Worthwhile”- The Campana Brothers. (By: Susana Angel)

Inspired by Brazilian street life and carnival culture, Humberto and Fernando Campana combine found everyday objects to create an exciting approach to design. By using unexpected combinations of found materials such as scraps of wood, rubber hoses, tissue paper, string, furs and fabrics, they transform mundane materials into objects that celebrate the discarded and are … Continue reading

Skate of Mind

  Poster: Mona Abada