By Sony Chen MycoBoard is made from agricultural waste and mycelium (mushroom material). It is a food-grade building material with high screw hold strength and durability. The material is biofabricated and grown using mycelium. It grows indoors, in the dark, and only requires a week to grow. Mycelium is a natural glue, and it binds the loose agricultural particles and fibers together. … Continue reading

Transparent Wood- Sustainable Material Discovery

Transparent Wood Sample from Who says windows have to be made from glass? This new innovation is both suitable for mass production, low in cost, and a renewable resource. In early 2016 researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm developed a transparent wood material with limitless building possibilities. The transparent wood has … Continue reading

Environmental Audit: IKEAs BILLY bookcase

By Kajsa Logan-Müller BILLY A life cycle analysis The BILLY bookcase from IKEA is one of the brands most popular pieces of furniture, that over the course of the past 36 years has been sold in over 41 million copies all over the world. To say that they are copies is a bit of a lie … Continue reading


Bark Shingles

Bark house specializes in bark shingle production as a chemical free, treatment free alternative to vinyl siding and cedar shingles. Lasting for up to 75 years, bark acts as a natural insulant and can be sourced from timber industry waste.